Khaya Tshepo

Khaya Tshepo Home for Hope for Vulnerable Children, is a Day Care Centre for children between the ages of 4 months and 6 years.  We provide daily care to children identified through Home Based Care Programmes, local hospitals and the community, in areas surrounding Klerksdorp – Khuma, Alabama and Jouberton. The circumstances in their homes are such that the children need physical, emotional, educational and spiritual support, which is provided by this Centre in the form of two nutritious meals, age-appropriate education and a safe space to play and be a care-free child.

Current Projects

Khaya Tshepo House

This house is ideal for the needs of the children – classrooms, bathrooms and offices, with lots of play space outside…

Food Project

The children are fed 2 nutritious meals per day…

Khaya Tshepo Taxi

The children and their teachers/carers are fetched from their homes in the morning and returned in the afternoon…

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